Tuesday, October 11, 2011

9.4 The Traveler: EJ Trinidad

Edward Philip V. Trinidad, IV BS Management

EJ is one of those guys who definitely knows how to make the most out of the given moment. This traveler experienced a lot when he studied in SolBridge International School of Business in Daejeon, South Korea. At first, he was just enticed to pick the school for its amazing facilities and its international vibe, but he never expected that his life will radically change because of his choice of destination. He experienced a complete freedom in an another country, not to mention, making a lot of friends coming from all over the world. 

From beatboxing to skillfully criticizing food, EJ's well-rounded personality can be summed up in a style that can be described as just chill. He adds that his style maybe simple and plain but he spices things up with his 'swagga'. Coming from a country where everyday is a party, EJ mentioned that he was able to cope up with the whole skinny-jeans-spikey-hair-skinny-tie-rocker-type look for guys and everyday-wearing-heels look for girls by revamping his wardrobe with clothes that can be used for casual layering like cardigans and sweaters to make his look more versatile.

What is he wearing?

The photo above exhibits one of those winter days that EJ experienced while he was in Korea. EJ learned to do layering especially in the winter, which he eventually still uses as a technique in dressing up.  Other than layering, EJ also liked the whole thick "bubble" jacket idea for comfort and style during the winter. He elaborates that fashion is not all about the clothes, it's also about the 'swagga'. 

Catch more of EJ in Beauty and the Beats (Philippines):

Advice from the Bluebook: Fashion is not all about the clothes, it's also about the 'swagga'

Sunday, October 9, 2011

9.3 The Traveler: Edward Villarosa

Edward Vincent D. Villarosa, IV BS Communications Technology Management

You might have seen him dance with his killer moves during the RIB, but who would have thought that this boy-next-door also became a member of the Xi Chi Sigma, a fraternity in University of the Pacific? Yep, that's right. This is one of his memorable experience when he went abroad for JTA. He experienced the solid brotherhood among his fellow fraternity brothers, without forgetting to manage priorities, engage in philanthropic endeavors and of course, have fun.

Edward traveled across the globe for his JTA destination last 2010 in a land where wearing loose shirts and pants is truly acceptable. He mentioned that with his interest in dancing, he easily adapted to how the Americans wear their pants, loose. It became easy for him to practice dance with such style. Exhibiting a pretty laid back style, Edward also adapted into wearing flannel shirt which he wasn't truly a fan of before JTA. He confessed that after his JTA trip, he became more open to some changes in his style and always try out new stuff.

What is he wearing?

He is wearing a plain green V-neck shirt which embodies his boy-next-door/ laid back style. He is also wearing a yellow Nike shoes which he bought while he was abroad. This is one of the rare occasions that you will see Edward wear pants. He would mostly wear loose shorts and shirt or flannel shirt to school. 

Edward noticed that in the Philippines, the more fitted the outfit, the better. But he mentioned in our interview that fashion/style really varies from person to person. It just really depends on the personality that you have. He also mentioned that it's important that we are always open to changes and not be afraid to try out new stuff because we don't want to limit ourselves to one style only. We just have to be ourselves.

Advice from the Bluebook: Always be open to changes.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

9.2 The Traveler: Panjee Lim

Panjee Lim, IV BS Management

Having chosen Ingolstadt, Germany as her JTA destination, Pajee was able experience the ultimate Euro trip by immersing herself in different cultures, falling in love with the places she visits, and making friends from all over the globe. She shares that four of her friends actually came to the Philippines for a visit. After travelling around 12 countries in the span of four and a half months, she definitely has enough memories to last her a lifetime. Still hung-over, she intends to go back after graduation to pursue further studies or take internships.

What is she wearing?

Playful yet put together, Panjee loves mixing and matching her wardrobe. She shares that one of the things she enjoyed about Europe was the colder climate that allowed her to layer clothes and try out different looks. For this particular photo shoot, you will see that she did play around with colors using them as accents to spruce up her outfit. She even sported a pair of zebra print flats.

Overall, it might seem that she has a lot going on in one look but it actually looks very put together if you do the right combination.Whether it be style (preppy, casual, etc), colors, or where you got the items (high-end brands or vintage) don’t be afraid to experiment and mix things up every now and then. Your style need not be homogenous everytime.

She cites Rachel Zoe and Audrey Hepburn as her two top style icons. Drawing from their contrasting styles, Panjee tries to emulate Rachel’s exciting eccentricity and Audrey’s classic style to create a look that definitely has the best of both worlds.

Advice from the Bluebook: Draw from inspiration to truly be a fashion sensation.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

9.1 The Traveler: Randz Manucom

John Randolph "Randz" Manucom, IV BS Management Information Systems

Girls Generation, Super Junior and 2ne1 are only some of the many Kpop sensation that we love and probably the only thing we know about Korea (other than kimchi, bibimbap and korean ice cream). What we don't know beyond the talented Kpop stars and the spicy korean food, is the creative and unique Korean fashion. Having Korea as his JTA destination, Randz had an opportunity to experience the korean fashion for four months.

Aside from his mom wanting him only to stay in Asia, Randz chose to study in Sogang University, Seoul, South Korea because of his fascination with Kpop culture. Kpop doesn't only makes us hold our breath because of their unique choreography and how Sandara is now a singing sensation, they have been also setting up trends in terms of fashion and style. Randz narrated to us that he actually had to step up his game in terms of blending in with the crowd in dressing up. With an environment that prioritizes their outfits and their looks, Randz was able to learn the skill of layering, the art of putting on accessories and the mix-matching of colors.


What is he wearing?

In this look, Randz embodied the skills that he learned while he was still in JTA. He is wearing what is considered a simple yet expressive style that characterizes his creative personality. As he had mentioned in his interview, his style evolved after JTA. "My style is urban streetwear meets playful accents. By streetwear I mean the grungy, unkempt look while mixing it with playful[ness] which is usually composed of dashing colors, patterns and socks! It's an interesting mix! :)" Randz, inspired by the korean fashion, advices the Bluebook readers that , "It's not what you wear, it's how you wear it. AND! Dress up as how you want to be acknowledged."

To get to know Randz more and to see his JTA adventure, follow his blog

Advice from the Bluebook: Dress up as how you want to be acknowledged.

Monday, September 5, 2011

9.0 The Traveler: Jieneb Kho

Every year, the John Gokongwei School of Management, School of Social Science, School of Science & Engineering and the Fine Arts Program of the School of Humanities send more than a hundred Ateneans (on their Junior Year) abroad to study, travel and experience a whole new environment for learning and total independence. This is the Junior Term Abroad Program, or JTA. JTA is an exchange program that allows Ateneans to study in the partner University of Ateneo located across Asia, Australia, United States and Europe for either the fall semester or the spring semester. In fact most of those who enrolled in the fall semester this school year are either flying out soon or are already in their JTA destinations. The Bluebook thinks it's timely to ask   some of 2010's JTA students about their experiences abroad and their fashion tips while out of the country.

Jieneb Kho, IV BS Communications Technology Management

Have you ever experience walking around Florence with a gelato in one hand while listening to local street musician sing in Italian? Jieneb did and she toured in style! For JTA last year, Jieneb chose to study in Audencia Grande Ecole de Management in Nantes, France (just 2 hours away from Paris) for her JTA fall semester. Out of the many things that she brought along with her to France, she didn't forget to bring her infectious smile and her eagerness to face the challenges of what lies ahead. During her JTA stay, she got to experience meeting new friends that came from all over the world, traveling alone using the transportation system, getting lost on her own and so much more, but that didn't falter her spirit because she knows it's all part of the experience. If you'll be describing Jieneb with one quote, it will be a quote from How I Met Your Mother, "Challenge Accepted". 

What is she wearing?

At the photoshoot, Jieneb was wearing a laid back outfit ( a pair of shorts and a semi-dressy top) which is ironic to her outgoing character. This is because she always wants to be comfortable with whatever she's wearing. She doesn't want her clothing to restrict her from moving or from doing her activities. She also narrates to the Bluebook that some people think that it's hard to blend-in in France, especially with the notion of people seemed to be always dressed up. "Everyone is pretty laid back and would just wear what they want to and what they felt was comfortable" Jieneb explained. 

During her JTA stay, she usually wore stockings, boots, trench coat and scarf. She also mentioned she loved the cold weather because it was something that she took advantage of in terms of layering and mix-matching clothes. She also gave a tip for the Bluebook readers with regard to what to wear when traveling especially in France during the Fall season. She said it's essential to wear boots and a chic trench coat for comfort and for style. Jieneb left the Bluebook crew one final advice, "Wear something you feel comfortable in. At the end of the day, it's how your carry yourself."

Advice from the Bluebook: At the end of the day, it's how you carry yourself.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

8.1 The JSEC Men: Bene Go

Benedick Mervyn S. Go, IV BS Management
As one of Ateneo’s Golden boys, you’d probably recognize Bene as the 4th year SOM Executive Officer of the Sanggunian but there’s much more to this guy than what meet’s the eye. Wanting to try out new things and to figure out what really works best for him, Bene is an active member in various organizations. Goal-oriented and driven, he shares that one should not be limited to worrying about grades as the true mark of success comes with real life experiences. (But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prioritize your studies too Bluebookers!)

As a morning person, his day starts very early at either 7:30 or 8:30am! While most of us are still snoozing our alarms, he’s off to work making the most of his time with unparalleled productivity. Always on the look out for opportunities, his entrepreneurial abilities were put to the test in the very competitive bidding process of opening a JSEC stall. Much to his surprise, he and his friends were able to get in and set up their own burger joint: City Buns. A true entrepreneur at heart, he prefers to have his own business after graduating rather than working in a company. One day, he hopes of using what he has learned to start his own business.

What is he wearing?
Keeping it simple and low-key, he describes his style as very casual and laidback. You would usually spot him wearing one of his “Lazy-day shirts” that he has gathered over the years from the different projects and ors that he has been involved in. He wears what is comfortable to him, especially since this guy is always on the go.

He proves that you don’t need to dress outrageously or wear anything too complicated to stand out from the crowd. Being comfortable with yourself and letting your personality shine through is the secret to confidence. That in itself is sexy.

Advice from the BlueBook: "You can always fail once, so try it!" 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

8.0 The JSEC Men: Migi Soriano & Jenny Chan

Migi Soriano, IV BS Management and Jenny Chan, IV BS Communications Technology Management

Every school has the 'cool crowd', that group of people everybody seems to know, those people you see everywhere. For the Ateneo, it's the JSEC crowd - named after their frequent school hangout, the JGSOM Student Enterprise Center (JSEC). These students become such icons in the Ateneo, they've been boxed up to a certain stereotype: often School of Management majors, sporting v-necks or polo shirts, bermuda shorts, and boat shoes. You'd easily spot them eating and chilling with their barkada at JSEC. This week, get to know more about these guys as we feature four of these JSEC men (and women).

Meet couple Migi Soriano and Jenny Chan. Individually, one would consider them very well-rounded and active, with the brains and looks to boot. Migi's interests lie in the organizations he's part of: he's a musician for aMp, a saxophonist for the Blue Babble Battalion, and a photographer for The Guidon. In her spare time, Jenny practices Bikram yoga and manages a joint business with her sister, called Quirks Novelties and Curiosities. True to its name, the store sells a variety of quirky yet functional pieces (such as a cassette tape dispenser, vinyl record bookends and paper wallets). If it isn't already apparent with her attire, Jenny also loves fashion.

What are they wearing?

A true fashionista, Jenny likes to keep her school attire simple, with a few interesting accessories here and there. She gave off a fresh, nautical look with a striped body-con dress and comfortable sandals. A cardigan was kept at hand for air-conditioned classrooms, as well as the SOM dress code. To top it off,  she accessorized her look with -- you'd hardly expect it -- skulls. One of the things that caught our eye upon seeing her was the pair of red skull earrings, with tassels that fell down to her shoulders. Wrapped around her wrist were braided twine adorned by skull charms. The whole look was reminiscent of Avril Lavigne (post-Sk8er Boi and Complicated days) -- girly, fashionable, and a touch of contradiction that makes her wicked.

One word to describe Migi's look: smart. In true JSEC Man fashion, he was wearing a striped, short-sleeved button-down, khaki shorts and comfortable sneakers. No accessories or frills are needed for this guy; clean and simple is the way to go. And he pulls it off. His sense of style reveals how he doesn't care too much for trends and standing out. On the other hand, it also shows how he's being careful about his look -- not in terms of trend, but of real timeless style.

Advice from the BlueBook: It's more important to feel good than to look fashionable.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

7.2 The Artist: Vicky Marquez

Vicky Marquez, II BS Communications Technology Management

Our encounter with Vicky Marquez proved two things about the Ateneo Musicans' Pool (aMp): first, you don't have to be a musician to join the organization. It's open to both musicians and music-lovers alike. Second, you don't just hone your musical skills in this org.  Vicky's artistic abilities were developed after she joined aMp's design department in her freshman year.

Her works are influenced by contemporary artists like Shepard Fairey, Marguerite Sauvage and local artist Valerie Chua. More than that, however, she finds inspiration in the people she knows and the music she listens to.

What is she wearing?

Vicky complements a nice, sunny day with a bright yellow dress and matching flowery flats. She adds a touch of paradoxical ruggedness to her girly outfit with a denim jacket. "Dressing up is really all about expressing yourself," the music-loving artist quips. "I don't want it to look like it came straight off a magazine, or from someone else."

Vicky leaves us with a piece of advice on originality and personality when it comes to dressing up. When finding outfits you like in magazines or blogs, don't rip off the entire look. Search for the key elements in the outfit that you really like and find ways to incorporate your own personality into this.

Advice from the BlueBook: Dress for yourself.

Friday, August 12, 2011

7.1 The Artist: Beng Villanueva

Denise Villanueva, IV BS Communication Technology Management

You'd be surprised to learn that Beng has never taken professional art lessons. This self-taught artist, formerly the Performing Arts Cluster Head, designs the promotional materials for big-time organizations like CADs, BlueRep and COA (if you're an Atenean, you've definitely seen the work she's done for RecWeek). She has grown a lot as a leader in her previous college years, and now that she's a senior, she chose focus on art.

What is she wearing?

A true individualist, she doesn't like using stock resources for creating her artwork. In the same manner, she doesn't follow the trend when it comes to fashion. She wears what she feels like wearing, regardless of whether or not it's in the pages of the latest fashion magazine. Prioritizing comfort over style, Beng dons leggings, a loose top and slippers.

Alongside her love and talent for visual art comes a passion for music. Here's another bit that might surprise you: her favorite artists are Led Zeppelin and Iron & Wine. Once a week, she plays a gimmick by putting her iPod on shuffle and chooses her outfit based on the song that plays. She recounts her outfit for Graphika Manila 2011, after listening to Martin Solveig & Dragonette's "Hello", she put on a colorful pair of sneakers to match the cheerful mood of the song.

When asked for her fashion advice for the BlueBook readers, she replied, "Be yourself. Don't dress to impress when it's not you. If you're going out of your way to follow a trend and try to be 'in' with a crowd, you'll just lose your own identity."

Advice from the BlueBook: Substance over style.

7.0 The Artist: Maronne Cruz

Maronne Cruz, III BS Management

Growing up being into musical theater, not to mention watching Broadway plays in New York, is pretty much Maronne’s childhood. From watching plays to now starring in them, Maronne has showed us that nothing is impossible. This young lady has been a member of Blue Repertoire ever since she was a freshmen. Tallying the number of plays she was casted, she counted 4 plays where she was the lead role and 6 plays where she was part of the production. Currently, Maronne is playing Audrey in the play, The Little House of Horrors.

Maronne’s dynamic personality becomes evident as she plays her roles, but she confessed that she was a bit shy to join the Dramatics club during her elementary and high school years. Although she was into theater, she only unleashed her talent and potential when she entered the university. Her older sister encouraged and informed her of Blue Rep as she was about to enter college. 

Being an avid fan of musical theater, Maronne usually dresses up like the characters she loves and admires. She doesn’t really follow a certain trend in term of dressing up. She is most comfortable just being herself and just dressing up in whatever role she wants to play. She would sometimes wear all black to portray the gothic role or at times she’d wear something dorky. Nonetheless, she is not afraid to experiment.

What is she wearing?
Can you guess which character she's playing? Comment. 

Advice from Bluebook: Don't be afraid to experiment.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

6.3 The Senior Syndrome: Bea Tan

Beatrice Tan, IV AB Interdisciplinary Studies

In a campus where everyone is judged initially according to his or her face value, Bea Tan truly stands out. Do not be fooled with her intimidating mataray vibe because beneath this fa├žade lies a friendly senior with a warm and humble heart. With her chinky black eyes and smooth radiant skin, she can capture the attention of many, especially the men. But she’s more than a pretty face, evident by her modest and outgoing personality and string of accomplishments which her close friends can agree with.She actually is the type of girl who loves to sketch doodle paint when she is bored and to try out any sports, like surfing and sky diving, even if she is not good at it.

What is she wearing?

Most people see this incredibly beauteous lass wearing clothes with skin tone colors, and this is why Bea chose this look for her casual graduation photo.  Moreover, she is into anything sheer that would make her yellow skin glow.  This is interesting because not all ladies out there do not see this as an advantage if they want to look more radiant, without putting too much make-up. Also, this can also give you a fresher look even if you are handling a great deal of stress because of hell weeks.  Without any doubt, we can see why she would always look fashionable yet presentable at all times. 

One of the fashion secrets Bea shares to us is to definitely fit before buying. Sometimes, even if the clothes look good, they will simply look good on a mannequin. We all have different body types and it would be for our own good if we know what is the best for us. We should not let the trend itself merely let us decide in choosing what to wear. By embracing our own size and who we really are, we will be able to have better and wiser decisions and greater confidence. 

Advice from BlueBook: Know what is best for your body type.

6.2 The Senior Syndrome: Niqui Leong

Angiele Leong, IV BS Management in Applied Chemistry

No, she does not own the Leong Hall in Ateneo. Nor is she a typical gorgeous Atenean who just basically knows how to dress well. As feminine as she may look in her pictures, Niqui Leong actually exceedingly enjoys not-so-girly activities such as lasertagging, white water-rafting, and getting sunburnt all over while riding an all-terrain vehicle up a volcano. And even if it seems that she practically owned her casual shots for the yearbook, this senior humbly shares to us that she never enjoyed yearbook photoshoots, ever since that period in prep. She was frequently dissatisfied with what the outcomes looked like. So the result of the pictorial she had just recently was such a huge pleasant surprise!

Since sophomore year in high school, Niqui has always been interested in how clothes are made, all the little details from designing to manufacturing. Being in college, she finds herself constantly learning and appreciating the variety of styles of different people. This helped her find a style that is comfortable, yet which makes her feel pretty and a lot different from the stereotypical unexciting laboratory-dwellers which some people usually think students from her bloody hellish course would end up being. 

What is she wearing?

It’s being presentably sundressed-up. She chose to wear this dress for the casual graduation pictorial because it is full of bright colors, which suits how energetic and crazy she often gets.  However, even if she needed to wear the cardigan to cover herself up to follow the dress-code, she still looks presentable and chic at the same time. She tells us that despite what some sites say about the color red when it comes to white backgrounds in pictorials, she still chose to make red the dominating color for her whole look because she knew for a fact that she would look and feel great in it. 

Blake Christina Lively, or most known as Serena Van Der Woodsen of the popular television series Gossip Girl, is one of the style icons Niqui admires. She has always loved Blake Lively because the American actress-model is perfectly fit, has a great smile and knows how to be sexy yet elegant at the same time.

In Ateneo, our lovely senior is just a normal student who is trying to survive Chemistry. But she believes that  surviving is done best with people she has known in her college life, who make every class enjoyable and worthwhile. A day does not go by for her without having a good laugh at something, even how shallow it may be.

Advice from BlueBook: Know the best colors that would make you shine. 

6.1 The Senior Syndrome: Ean Dacay

Ean Dacay, IV BS Communication Technology Management

Quite the prodigy, Ean Dacay is extremely well-adept in various multimedia editing software which he uses to compliment his love for photography. If you're active in any of the different organizations in Ateneo, chances are you might have worked with him before. You could say he does a lot of freelance and is frequently recruited to help out with photoshoots and promotions. To those who finds his name very familiar, it's probably because a lot of his photographs are featured in the Guidon. He shares that he prefers taking the pictures rather than being photographed himself.

What is he wearing?

You'll probably recognize him with his unique pair of glasses whose shape is quite unconventional. For his casual shoot, he chose one of his typical Ateneo outfits. You will see him wearing a simple checkered short sleeved polo and ash colored jeans, a comfortable wardrobe choice that is still in check with SOM dress codes. 

Preferring to work in the background rather than being the center of attention. The color scheme seems to be a bit more paler as compared to the bold colors that people tend to gravitate to nowadays. "Wear what you want and don't be pressured to dress a certain way" is what Ean told us and we at the Bluebook completely agree. Ultimately, your look should be used to compliment or highlight your personality not overpower it.

Advice from BlueBook: Don't let fashion trends dictate your look.

6.0 The Senior Syndrome: Meg Manzano

Meg Manzano, IV AB Interdisciplinary Studies

Previously, we brought you the freshest faces of the Ateneo community. For its sixth week we are paying homage to the senior whom we all know and love: The graduating batch of epic year of 2012. Graduation pictorials are taking place and Aegis has been doing a superb job for this yearbook. Casual shots are done to showcase the Atenean's real personality and character in school and this is what we want to share with you for this week.

"I can wolf down chicken nuggets, cheeseburger, spaghetti, large Coke, and a hot fudge sundae from Mcdo in one sitting. My biggest frustration is my inability to gain weight...which doesn't at all help me with my dream of one day being gloriously fat."
 -Meg Manzano 
(we are so jealous of you and your non-existent dilemma)

Meg describes herself as the "little writer girl in pursuit of that dream of constant deadlines and bylines". Quite the quirky and fascinating she a little nostalgic over the 90s and has yet to educate and update her taste in muzak. In her free time she enjoys exploring her artsy side playing around with paint, photoshop, and photography. Although she admits that her skills may not be up to par with some of her peers, her mastery in the art of powerpoint-making and the lovely craft of writing is in itself  quite a talent. Quite the renaissance woman, she loves to pursue her various hobbies and interests.  She has been playing futsal ever since she was thirteen years old but and loves the chance to get on a field and go kick balls (and butts).As an IS major she is able to take up both Polical Science and Communications as her two tracks. It may seem like an unusual combination but she shares that reading up in Polsci introduces her to a whole new world that allows her to look life in another perspective that she is able to express in various mediums.

What is she wearing:

Typically very moody when it comes to her style, she admits that there are times that she gets a bit lazy at times coming to school in nothing but  her jogging pants, a cashmere sweater and sneakers just because she wanted to sleep in that morning. Her general look could be described magulo or in other words rather low key and subtle. She likes to keep it casual, simple and a tad southern. She cites Erin Wasson as her style icon admiring her cool, indie, and understated vibe that she is able to bring to her outfits and the demure way she carries herself. 

Functionality ranks very high in her wardrobe choices sharing that she is guilty of buying dresses with pockets on the side. Shades are also a definite must have for Meg. The sun rays are definitely enemy number one in Ateneo  and she makes sure that she never leaves the house without her trusty pair of shades. As a senior she gives some words of wisdom and says that investing in a few key pieces would be a good idea and great addition to any wardrobe. Go for simplicity and pieces that you can easily match and pair up. At present, her flesh colored spring desert boots are her go to item that she loves to match with different outfits. Exuding a rather relaxed and laid-back style, she keeps it simple with neutral colors and the occasional stripe or floral pattern.

Advice from the Bluebook: Functionality and practically are key to any casual look

Sunday, July 24, 2011

5.2 His & Hers: Toni Sunico and Addie Manzano

Anthony Sunico & Addie Manzano, I AB Communications

Ah, young love. There may be a raging storm outside, but let this post warm your hearts. Meet two of the youngest lovebirds on campus, Addie and Toni.

"Chillwave" may well be the theme for the couple's fashion sense. They both prefer understated outfits, but somehow still radiate a glow of happiness that make you pause and look at them. On a regular day, Toni usually wears shorts and a shirt. He wouldn't become slave to the trend and the heat. Hence, men's cardigans, no matter how fashionable they are, would be a no-no for him on a sunny day. Addie prefers not to draw attention to herself through her outfits. She normally wears shorts and a tank top, and chooses her attire according to her mood.

What are they wearing?
Were they to dress each other up, Toni would be wearing a nice polo, jeans and sneakers and Addie would be fashioning a classic pair of jeans and a long tank top. Like themselves, they'd want their significant other to be simply dressed as well. They don't go without accessories, though. Addie likes to spiff up her look with bracelets, while Toni wouldn't go without a classy and useful watch.

This calm, relaxed couple's fashion advice for the readers out there? Addie would tell you to dress comfortably. Toni advises you to mind the heat: don't wear jackets, especially when it's 30 degrees outside!

Advice from the BlueBook: Dress appropriately for the weather.

5.1 His & Hers: Iking Corpus and Jonah Cabochan

Iking Corpus & Jonah Cabochan, II BS Communications Technology Management

The Bluebook spotted this couple when they were wearing "US" shirts in a fashion show that happened last summer. Curious of what's up with them, we asked them for a friendly chat. 

On the day of their interview, the lovely couple's smiles radiated and reflected how happy this couple is. The first thing we had to ask was about the "US" shirts. Iking and Jonah actually just had it made for their class Psychology project which was the Schoolture Break fashion show that happened last summer semester. They don't really wear matching outfits in school, but sometimes, it just so happens that they're wearing matching outfits.

What are they wearing?

"In the middle of pambahay and porma" (In the middle of clothes you usually wear at home and clothes you wear when going out)... Iking's and Jonah's style is pretty laid back with minimal accessory. For Jonah, she would match her outfits with a necklace and for Iking, his outfit wouldn't be complete without his watch. 

We asked the couple if they're going to dress up their partner, what would they want him/her to wear? Jonah wants anything simple for Iking. Iking, on the other hand, wants Jonah to wear polo shirts, what he meant was the coined term 'boyfriend's shirt' type of polo. Jonah seem to not mind wearing a 'boyfriend's shirt.

Advice from the Bluebook: Just be laid back.

5.0 His & Hers: Nico Salva & Karla Aguas

Nico Salva & Karla Aguas IV AB Interdisciplinary Studies

Our encounter with Karla Aguas and Nico Salva was quite brief, but amusing nonetheless. The couple attracts attention, not because of their great fashion sense, but because of their natural good looks. And of course, Nico’s a notable Blue Eagle, like previous features Bacon and Kiefer. One who sees them together might feel that pang of envy and wonder with such a good-looking couple.

One thing we liked about the couple was that they were both very outgoing and -there’s no other word to describe it- adorable. Proof of this? They occasionally follow themes for their outfits. Karla recalls how they once dressed up like Beyonce and Jay-Z.

What are they wearing?

Their attractiveness as a couple is mainly attributed to their individual sense of style. Karla, a natural beauty, likes to wear whatever fits her mood. She could range from girly to comfortable. On the day of the shoot, she said she felt like wearing something more feminine. She loves to accessorize with a trusty pair of shades. Nico, on the other hand, likes to go for “black” fashion — a comfortable shirt, shorts and sporty shoes. He likes to complement his outfit with baseball caps and sunglasses.

What would happen if they would dress each other up? We wondered, asked and here’s what they have to say. Karla would dress Nico up in a trendy polo and pants, to make him look kind of like Adam Brody. Her boyfriend says he’d dress her up the way she is, with an eclectic mix of styles and looks.

Their fashion advice for our BlueBook readers? Don’t dress up like you’re going to a gimmick. “This is Ateneo,” Karla says. “A lot of classrooms aren’t air-conditioned, and you have to walk from one building to another.” Nico adds, “Don’t wear dark shirts if your classroom isn’t air-conditioned.”

Advice from the BlueBook: Shine even more with your significant other by showing who YOU are!