Tuesday, October 11, 2011

9.4 The Traveler: EJ Trinidad

Edward Philip V. Trinidad, IV BS Management

EJ is one of those guys who definitely knows how to make the most out of the given moment. This traveler experienced a lot when he studied in SolBridge International School of Business in Daejeon, South Korea. At first, he was just enticed to pick the school for its amazing facilities and its international vibe, but he never expected that his life will radically change because of his choice of destination. He experienced a complete freedom in an another country, not to mention, making a lot of friends coming from all over the world. 

From beatboxing to skillfully criticizing food, EJ's well-rounded personality can be summed up in a style that can be described as just chill. He adds that his style maybe simple and plain but he spices things up with his 'swagga'. Coming from a country where everyday is a party, EJ mentioned that he was able to cope up with the whole skinny-jeans-spikey-hair-skinny-tie-rocker-type look for guys and everyday-wearing-heels look for girls by revamping his wardrobe with clothes that can be used for casual layering like cardigans and sweaters to make his look more versatile.

What is he wearing?

The photo above exhibits one of those winter days that EJ experienced while he was in Korea. EJ learned to do layering especially in the winter, which he eventually still uses as a technique in dressing up.  Other than layering, EJ also liked the whole thick "bubble" jacket idea for comfort and style during the winter. He elaborates that fashion is not all about the clothes, it's also about the 'swagga'. 

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Advice from the Bluebook: Fashion is not all about the clothes, it's also about the 'swagga'

Sunday, October 9, 2011

9.3 The Traveler: Edward Villarosa

Edward Vincent D. Villarosa, IV BS Communications Technology Management

You might have seen him dance with his killer moves during the RIB, but who would have thought that this boy-next-door also became a member of the Xi Chi Sigma, a fraternity in University of the Pacific? Yep, that's right. This is one of his memorable experience when he went abroad for JTA. He experienced the solid brotherhood among his fellow fraternity brothers, without forgetting to manage priorities, engage in philanthropic endeavors and of course, have fun.

Edward traveled across the globe for his JTA destination last 2010 in a land where wearing loose shirts and pants is truly acceptable. He mentioned that with his interest in dancing, he easily adapted to how the Americans wear their pants, loose. It became easy for him to practice dance with such style. Exhibiting a pretty laid back style, Edward also adapted into wearing flannel shirt which he wasn't truly a fan of before JTA. He confessed that after his JTA trip, he became more open to some changes in his style and always try out new stuff.

What is he wearing?

He is wearing a plain green V-neck shirt which embodies his boy-next-door/ laid back style. He is also wearing a yellow Nike shoes which he bought while he was abroad. This is one of the rare occasions that you will see Edward wear pants. He would mostly wear loose shorts and shirt or flannel shirt to school. 

Edward noticed that in the Philippines, the more fitted the outfit, the better. But he mentioned in our interview that fashion/style really varies from person to person. It just really depends on the personality that you have. He also mentioned that it's important that we are always open to changes and not be afraid to try out new stuff because we don't want to limit ourselves to one style only. We just have to be ourselves.

Advice from the Bluebook: Always be open to changes.