Sunday, July 31, 2011

6.3 The Senior Syndrome: Bea Tan

Beatrice Tan, IV AB Interdisciplinary Studies

In a campus where everyone is judged initially according to his or her face value, Bea Tan truly stands out. Do not be fooled with her intimidating mataray vibe because beneath this fa├žade lies a friendly senior with a warm and humble heart. With her chinky black eyes and smooth radiant skin, she can capture the attention of many, especially the men. But she’s more than a pretty face, evident by her modest and outgoing personality and string of accomplishments which her close friends can agree with.She actually is the type of girl who loves to sketch doodle paint when she is bored and to try out any sports, like surfing and sky diving, even if she is not good at it.

What is she wearing?

Most people see this incredibly beauteous lass wearing clothes with skin tone colors, and this is why Bea chose this look for her casual graduation photo.  Moreover, she is into anything sheer that would make her yellow skin glow.  This is interesting because not all ladies out there do not see this as an advantage if they want to look more radiant, without putting too much make-up. Also, this can also give you a fresher look even if you are handling a great deal of stress because of hell weeks.  Without any doubt, we can see why she would always look fashionable yet presentable at all times. 

One of the fashion secrets Bea shares to us is to definitely fit before buying. Sometimes, even if the clothes look good, they will simply look good on a mannequin. We all have different body types and it would be for our own good if we know what is the best for us. We should not let the trend itself merely let us decide in choosing what to wear. By embracing our own size and who we really are, we will be able to have better and wiser decisions and greater confidence. 

Advice from BlueBook: Know what is best for your body type.

6.2 The Senior Syndrome: Niqui Leong

Angiele Leong, IV BS Management in Applied Chemistry

No, she does not own the Leong Hall in Ateneo. Nor is she a typical gorgeous Atenean who just basically knows how to dress well. As feminine as she may look in her pictures, Niqui Leong actually exceedingly enjoys not-so-girly activities such as lasertagging, white water-rafting, and getting sunburnt all over while riding an all-terrain vehicle up a volcano. And even if it seems that she practically owned her casual shots for the yearbook, this senior humbly shares to us that she never enjoyed yearbook photoshoots, ever since that period in prep. She was frequently dissatisfied with what the outcomes looked like. So the result of the pictorial she had just recently was such a huge pleasant surprise!

Since sophomore year in high school, Niqui has always been interested in how clothes are made, all the little details from designing to manufacturing. Being in college, she finds herself constantly learning and appreciating the variety of styles of different people. This helped her find a style that is comfortable, yet which makes her feel pretty and a lot different from the stereotypical unexciting laboratory-dwellers which some people usually think students from her bloody hellish course would end up being. 

What is she wearing?

It’s being presentably sundressed-up. She chose to wear this dress for the casual graduation pictorial because it is full of bright colors, which suits how energetic and crazy she often gets.  However, even if she needed to wear the cardigan to cover herself up to follow the dress-code, she still looks presentable and chic at the same time. She tells us that despite what some sites say about the color red when it comes to white backgrounds in pictorials, she still chose to make red the dominating color for her whole look because she knew for a fact that she would look and feel great in it. 

Blake Christina Lively, or most known as Serena Van Der Woodsen of the popular television series Gossip Girl, is one of the style icons Niqui admires. She has always loved Blake Lively because the American actress-model is perfectly fit, has a great smile and knows how to be sexy yet elegant at the same time.

In Ateneo, our lovely senior is just a normal student who is trying to survive Chemistry. But she believes that  surviving is done best with people she has known in her college life, who make every class enjoyable and worthwhile. A day does not go by for her without having a good laugh at something, even how shallow it may be.

Advice from BlueBook: Know the best colors that would make you shine. 

6.1 The Senior Syndrome: Ean Dacay

Ean Dacay, IV BS Communication Technology Management

Quite the prodigy, Ean Dacay is extremely well-adept in various multimedia editing software which he uses to compliment his love for photography. If you're active in any of the different organizations in Ateneo, chances are you might have worked with him before. You could say he does a lot of freelance and is frequently recruited to help out with photoshoots and promotions. To those who finds his name very familiar, it's probably because a lot of his photographs are featured in the Guidon. He shares that he prefers taking the pictures rather than being photographed himself.

What is he wearing?

You'll probably recognize him with his unique pair of glasses whose shape is quite unconventional. For his casual shoot, he chose one of his typical Ateneo outfits. You will see him wearing a simple checkered short sleeved polo and ash colored jeans, a comfortable wardrobe choice that is still in check with SOM dress codes. 

Preferring to work in the background rather than being the center of attention. The color scheme seems to be a bit more paler as compared to the bold colors that people tend to gravitate to nowadays. "Wear what you want and don't be pressured to dress a certain way" is what Ean told us and we at the Bluebook completely agree. Ultimately, your look should be used to compliment or highlight your personality not overpower it.

Advice from BlueBook: Don't let fashion trends dictate your look.

6.0 The Senior Syndrome: Meg Manzano

Meg Manzano, IV AB Interdisciplinary Studies

Previously, we brought you the freshest faces of the Ateneo community. For its sixth week we are paying homage to the senior whom we all know and love: The graduating batch of epic year of 2012. Graduation pictorials are taking place and Aegis has been doing a superb job for this yearbook. Casual shots are done to showcase the Atenean's real personality and character in school and this is what we want to share with you for this week.

"I can wolf down chicken nuggets, cheeseburger, spaghetti, large Coke, and a hot fudge sundae from Mcdo in one sitting. My biggest frustration is my inability to gain weight...which doesn't at all help me with my dream of one day being gloriously fat."
 -Meg Manzano 
(we are so jealous of you and your non-existent dilemma)

Meg describes herself as the "little writer girl in pursuit of that dream of constant deadlines and bylines". Quite the quirky and fascinating she a little nostalgic over the 90s and has yet to educate and update her taste in muzak. In her free time she enjoys exploring her artsy side playing around with paint, photoshop, and photography. Although she admits that her skills may not be up to par with some of her peers, her mastery in the art of powerpoint-making and the lovely craft of writing is in itself  quite a talent. Quite the renaissance woman, she loves to pursue her various hobbies and interests.  She has been playing futsal ever since she was thirteen years old but and loves the chance to get on a field and go kick balls (and butts).As an IS major she is able to take up both Polical Science and Communications as her two tracks. It may seem like an unusual combination but she shares that reading up in Polsci introduces her to a whole new world that allows her to look life in another perspective that she is able to express in various mediums.

What is she wearing:

Typically very moody when it comes to her style, she admits that there are times that she gets a bit lazy at times coming to school in nothing but  her jogging pants, a cashmere sweater and sneakers just because she wanted to sleep in that morning. Her general look could be described magulo or in other words rather low key and subtle. She likes to keep it casual, simple and a tad southern. She cites Erin Wasson as her style icon admiring her cool, indie, and understated vibe that she is able to bring to her outfits and the demure way she carries herself. 

Functionality ranks very high in her wardrobe choices sharing that she is guilty of buying dresses with pockets on the side. Shades are also a definite must have for Meg. The sun rays are definitely enemy number one in Ateneo  and she makes sure that she never leaves the house without her trusty pair of shades. As a senior she gives some words of wisdom and says that investing in a few key pieces would be a good idea and great addition to any wardrobe. Go for simplicity and pieces that you can easily match and pair up. At present, her flesh colored spring desert boots are her go to item that she loves to match with different outfits. Exuding a rather relaxed and laid-back style, she keeps it simple with neutral colors and the occasional stripe or floral pattern.

Advice from the Bluebook: Functionality and practically are key to any casual look

Sunday, July 24, 2011

5.2 His & Hers: Toni Sunico and Addie Manzano

Anthony Sunico & Addie Manzano, I AB Communications

Ah, young love. There may be a raging storm outside, but let this post warm your hearts. Meet two of the youngest lovebirds on campus, Addie and Toni.

"Chillwave" may well be the theme for the couple's fashion sense. They both prefer understated outfits, but somehow still radiate a glow of happiness that make you pause and look at them. On a regular day, Toni usually wears shorts and a shirt. He wouldn't become slave to the trend and the heat. Hence, men's cardigans, no matter how fashionable they are, would be a no-no for him on a sunny day. Addie prefers not to draw attention to herself through her outfits. She normally wears shorts and a tank top, and chooses her attire according to her mood.

What are they wearing?
Were they to dress each other up, Toni would be wearing a nice polo, jeans and sneakers and Addie would be fashioning a classic pair of jeans and a long tank top. Like themselves, they'd want their significant other to be simply dressed as well. They don't go without accessories, though. Addie likes to spiff up her look with bracelets, while Toni wouldn't go without a classy and useful watch.

This calm, relaxed couple's fashion advice for the readers out there? Addie would tell you to dress comfortably. Toni advises you to mind the heat: don't wear jackets, especially when it's 30 degrees outside!

Advice from the BlueBook: Dress appropriately for the weather.

5.1 His & Hers: Iking Corpus and Jonah Cabochan

Iking Corpus & Jonah Cabochan, II BS Communications Technology Management

The Bluebook spotted this couple when they were wearing "US" shirts in a fashion show that happened last summer. Curious of what's up with them, we asked them for a friendly chat. 

On the day of their interview, the lovely couple's smiles radiated and reflected how happy this couple is. The first thing we had to ask was about the "US" shirts. Iking and Jonah actually just had it made for their class Psychology project which was the Schoolture Break fashion show that happened last summer semester. They don't really wear matching outfits in school, but sometimes, it just so happens that they're wearing matching outfits.

What are they wearing?

"In the middle of pambahay and porma" (In the middle of clothes you usually wear at home and clothes you wear when going out)... Iking's and Jonah's style is pretty laid back with minimal accessory. For Jonah, she would match her outfits with a necklace and for Iking, his outfit wouldn't be complete without his watch. 

We asked the couple if they're going to dress up their partner, what would they want him/her to wear? Jonah wants anything simple for Iking. Iking, on the other hand, wants Jonah to wear polo shirts, what he meant was the coined term 'boyfriend's shirt' type of polo. Jonah seem to not mind wearing a 'boyfriend's shirt.

Advice from the Bluebook: Just be laid back.

5.0 His & Hers: Nico Salva & Karla Aguas

Nico Salva & Karla Aguas IV AB Interdisciplinary Studies

Our encounter with Karla Aguas and Nico Salva was quite brief, but amusing nonetheless. The couple attracts attention, not because of their great fashion sense, but because of their natural good looks. And of course, Nico’s a notable Blue Eagle, like previous features Bacon and Kiefer. One who sees them together might feel that pang of envy and wonder with such a good-looking couple.

One thing we liked about the couple was that they were both very outgoing and -there’s no other word to describe it- adorable. Proof of this? They occasionally follow themes for their outfits. Karla recalls how they once dressed up like Beyonce and Jay-Z.

What are they wearing?

Their attractiveness as a couple is mainly attributed to their individual sense of style. Karla, a natural beauty, likes to wear whatever fits her mood. She could range from girly to comfortable. On the day of the shoot, she said she felt like wearing something more feminine. She loves to accessorize with a trusty pair of shades. Nico, on the other hand, likes to go for “black” fashion — a comfortable shirt, shorts and sporty shoes. He likes to complement his outfit with baseball caps and sunglasses.

What would happen if they would dress each other up? We wondered, asked and here’s what they have to say. Karla would dress Nico up in a trendy polo and pants, to make him look kind of like Adam Brody. Her boyfriend says he’d dress her up the way she is, with an eclectic mix of styles and looks.

Their fashion advice for our BlueBook readers? Don’t dress up like you’re going to a gimmick. “This is Ateneo,” Karla says. “A lot of classrooms aren’t air-conditioned, and you have to walk from one building to another.” Nico adds, “Don’t wear dark shirts if your classroom isn’t air-conditioned.”

Advice from the BlueBook: Shine even more with your significant other by showing who YOU are!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

4.5 Fresh Faces: Kiefer Ravena

Kiefer Ravena, I BS Communications Technology Management

Believe it or not, who would have thought that this basketball superstar is one of the most amusing and modest guy you would ever meet? Long before in his high school years with the Ateneo Blue Eaglets, this great lad has already started creating waves in the basketball world. However, Kiefer may be the talk of the town but he still stays grounded with his values and humble personality. One of his blockmates from Block R even shares to us that he gave the most interesting and sexiest Banana and Pacific Ring of Fire during their OrSem! Beyond his exceptional and exquisite skills in sports, let us see what this freshman brings into table.

 What is he wearing?

Having to train for more than five times a week, like his very own teammate Bacon Austria (read his article here), he chooses comfort over style. Blending in with the student crowd, the Rookie Phenom Kiefer Ravena wears a shirt, shorts, and sneakers plus with a simple watch as an accessory. He also brings a backpack to fit his necessities for school. The BlueBook team admires his simplicity and believes that no matter what he wears, people will definitely still be able to notice him at the very first glance.

Considered to be a must-see player in this generation of young basketball superstars and known to have an outstanding basketball record, Kiefer indeed has the talent, personality and potential to ink his own name and make a mark not only in basketball history but in each of everyone’s heart.

Advice from BlueBook: You don’t need flashy clothes for you to be noticed.

4.4 Fresh Faces: Jolo Ejercito

Jolo Ejercito, I BS Legal Management

Extrovert and outgoing, this freshie definitely knows how to make a good impression. An expert in the art of conversation, Jolo is your typical nice guy on campus and doesn’t find it hard to make friends even though he is just a newbie on campus. Add up his talents in singing, dancing, and acting and we have a bonafide triple threat. 

What he’s wearing:

The look that he his sporting during this shoot has a sort of nautical style to it. Not one to follow, Jolo says that he doesn’t really follow fashion trends but instead mixes and matches his own clothes to add his own personal style. He shares that you should always try to look your best because you never know what might happen to you. You don’t want to be caught off guard looking shabby when your crush passes by or when you meet someone important. Right?

If you take notice at the color scheme he is wearing you would notice that he chose neutral tones of blue and brown, a classic combination that is soothing to the eyes. Although the outfit is dominantly blue, accents of brown such as his shoes and belt balances it out. Definitely a well put together look that the ladies would surely love.

Advice from the Bluebook: It’s easier to dress down than to dress up, so be prepared to always look your best.

4.3 Fresh Faces: Fons Martinez

Fons Martinez, I AB Communications

Quite the dandy, the friendly Fons just loves to add flare and pizzazz to what would normally be a boring and typical day in Katipunan. Always in the know, he loves going to different events and happenings around the metro, living quite an interesting and fun-filled life outside the walls of Ateneo de Manila University. At present, he shares that he feels at home in campus noting that he knows quite a few upperclassmen. A new addition to the Dollhouse, he was actually spotted recently in the Dollhouse elections where he donned an even bolder outfit for the occasion.

What is he wearing:

Having an innate sense of style, fashion has always been something that came easily to Fons even as a child. He usually sticks to monochromatic tones and basic palettes but always makes it a point to add something different and eye-catching to his look. For this shoot, you would notice that he is sporting a gray-fringed vest that breaks the monotony and adds a bit of zest to his look.

Some may choose simplicity and comfort, but he says that he prioritizes fashion over comfort. He takes pride in his androgynous look, which enables him to experiment with vast variety of different styles. The BlueBook team admires his keen fashion sense and bold confidence in the way he handles things.

Advice from the Bluebook: Be fearless.

4.2 Fresh Faces: Kenjee Dee

Kenjee Dee, I BS Health Sciences

People might think that this good-looking freshman is a SOM (School of Management) student because of his typical Chinese features. On the other hand, his course obviously proves us otherwise. Considered to be one of the most fashionable, attractive yet unpretentious gentlemen around the campus, Kenjee considers himself as the typical quiet guy on the outside but loud on the inside. And what’s more, he considers being fit highly important. For him, it is really helpful not only to be noticed but also in the personal state of mind. Knowing that he is healthy keeps him confident and happy for the most part of his everyday life. However, believe it or not, he shares to us that he was actually obese before and he lost 80 pounds in just three months! Quite unbelievable, don’t you think? But surprisingly, he still even has the stretch marks to prove it!

What is he wearing?

Nate Archibald of the popular television series Gossip Girl is one of the style icons Kenjee admires. He really likes how Nate keeps things simple but sharp at the same time. In fact, he has been following how this perfect Golden Boy of the Upper East Side dresses up ever since. Sadly, knowing that our country’s blazing hot weather limits us in wearing non-thick clothes, he shares that he can only do it when he is abroad.

Kenjee would describe his style as something preppy since he always want to look simple, but presentable nevertheless. If he were to name the essential pieces in his wardrobe, the top-of-mind answers will definitely be the belt, watch and shoes.  He believes that regardless of the brand of clothes he wears, the most noteworthy asset a guy can flaunt without over-exaggerating would be those three things. Kenjee also shares that for women, he does not think that flowery, ruffly tops or short shorts would give the guys good attention. I guess, ladies, better change such outfits and go for a simpler and more conservative look! His fashion advice is that to always wear something that reflects who you truly are. As he simply puts it, “So, chill if you do not know the latest stuff about fashion. As long as what you are wearing defines who you are, you are definitely good to go.”

Advice from the Bluebook: Being you never goes out of style.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

4.1 Fresh Faces: Jyle Go

Jyle Go, I BS Management

Fashion is definitely a passion for the glamorous Jyle. She may only be a freshman in Ateneo, but she could already boast something that not even most management seniors have yet: her own business.  A budding entrepreneur, she applies her extensive knowledge and passion for fashion in designing elegant and striking accessories, which is currently being produced in places such as Hong Kong and Bangkok. She also does modeling on the side, lending her talents in this year’s Recruitment Week. 

What is she wearing? 

She goes by the mantra “Dress for yourself and not for anyone else” and she definitely knows who she is style-wise. She describes her style as "feminine chic" usually complimenting her soft feminine looks and wardrobe with edgy & eye catching pieces such as the Aritza black cotton corset and statement rings. Of course, a true fashionista’s wardrobe would not be complete without a few essentials such as the Kimono Cover-up from H&M, High-waist trouser shorts from Topshop, and Cuffed Flats from Steve Madden that she put together for this look. 

What a fashion statement! Don’t you agree? We from the Bluebook personally love Jyle’s look! Ateneans should definitely be on the lookout for what she wears next. Like Jyle’s Style? Be sure to check out her personal collection of accessories in her online shop! 

Advice from the Bluebook: Mix and Match, apply some yin-yang and find the perfect balance that works best for you.

4.0 Fresh Faces: Patricia Lao

You’re in for a treat as we satisfy your cravings for these eye candies. Freshmen dress up really well don’t you think? Especially since most of them have just been liberated from their restrictive dress codes and high school uniforms. Now is the time for them to flaunt their wardrobes to best showcase their personality. So young, vibrant, eager, and free of stress! Right seniors?

Patricia Lao, I BS Management

For our first freshie feature, we introduce to you the cute and bubbly Patricia Lao.  Rather sporty, she enjoys playing football or swimming during her free time. She shares that she is beginning to settle in, adjusting quite well to Ateneo culture as most freshies are after almost a month in campus. 

What is she wearing? 

Pleasant, elegant, and graceful, she describes her style as Laidback bohemian. Rather than going through extremes to stand out and solicit attention, she chooses to be subtler with her wardrobe choices. During the shoot, she sported a simple floral blue top and matched it with a great pair of aqua flats. To add a bit of personality, she add a few key accessories to use as focal points but nevertheless prioritizing comfort above all else. 

This works to her advantage, as she is able to look fresh for a gal that is always on the go. Flat over heels, cause you’d be doing a lot of walking in Ateneo. She shares that you should never overdo it, wear what you are comfortable with and let your personality shine through. Wise words for a freshman!

Advice from the BlueBook: Simplicity is key.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

3.3: School Pride: The Rower

Anton Neric, II BS Health Sciences

Not only is this sophomore a head turner you would see modeling for different events and organizations on campus, he’s part of the Ateneo Rowing Team to boot. You’d find him stroking it out with his teammates at the Pasig River, or at La Mesa Dam before competitions. What’s more, ladies, is that he’s also very friendly and always game. He can strike up a conversation with you as if you were old friends.

What is he wearing?

Like most male athletes, Anton goes for comfort over style. He sports a plain white v-neck and jeans on a normal school day. His outfit also shows how down-to-earth and approachable this rower is. He accentuates his look with a trusty pair of Wayfarers, a handy accessory for shielding his eyes from the glare of the sun.

When asked about his fashion advice to the readers out there, he jokingly quipped, “‘Wag kang pa-cool.” He meant that people should dress according to what they think looks good on them, as opposed to simply following the trend. So, toss out that maxidress if it makes you look short. Sell that fedora if it makes your head look too small. The trend is only secondary, what matters is how you look in your clothes! That'll save you money, and a lot of closet space.

Advice from the BlueBook: Know your body type, and wear clothes that look good on you!

3.2 School Pride: The Basketball Star

Bacon Austria, V AB Interdisciplinary Studies

Here’s a bit of trivia not a lot of people know about Ateneo’s guard-forward: his name isn’t really Bacon. Nor is it his nickname. When he played for his grade school basketball team, he wore his dad’s jersey that said ‘Bacon’ on the front, the name of a town somewhere in the country. The name had been coined by his teammates, and later on spread when those teammates became his classmates as well.

What is he wearing?

Not to be mistaken with that tasty, salty strip of pork we enjoy, this basketball player  shows school spirit with his color motif (it just so happens that blue is his favorite color). Having to train six times a week, Bacon goes for comfort over style with a simple shirt-shorts-sneakers ensemble. He totes around a sizable backpack to fit his necessities for school. In its entirety, this outfit makes him blend in perfectly with the student crowd.

Bacon adds a personalized touch to his look with a black case hanging from his backpack. It contains his own pair of Beats by Dr. Dre, and shows how basketball isn’t the only thing that matters in his life. He also enjoys listening to an eclectic mix of music, ranging from hip-hop (his favorite genre) to sentimental songs. Music also helps him hype up before a big game. This just might be one of his secrets to becoming a better player.

Advice from the BlueBook: Remember where you are and dress for the occasion.

3.1 School Pride: The Courtside Reporter

Jaz Reyes, II AB Communications

What do we need for an UAAP basketball game to be epic?
1. The Ateneo Basketball Team VS anybody else
2. The ever supportive crowd of fans, alumni plus Fr. Dacanay
3. The Babble Battalion and the band
4. and last but not the least, The Courtside Reporter

Jaz amazed us with her great enthusiasm as she greeted the Bluebook team for her photoshoot and interview. A lot of you may recognize Jaz, especially the Freshies, as she was actually one of the Orsem hosts in the recent Orsem 2011: Lipad. But not a lot of people know that Jaz is actually a Junior Jock in Magic 89.9. Her dynamic voice and her great personality helped her reached where she is right now.

Although Jaz is probably known mostly because of her hosting skills, she's also considered as a style icon to most Ateneans. With her long wavy hair as her best accessory, she patterns mostly what she wears with convenience and comfort. For Jaz, by wearing a skirt saves her from wearing pants (just so she can abide by the dresscode) and also from the heat. Although she prioritizes comfort, she also doesn't sacrifice style. She always tries to be stylish while being at ease.

What is she wearing?

Jaz is wearing a bodycon skirt and a shirt with strings giving her a jungle look for her org's General Assembly. She also mentioned in her interview that it is important that you double check what you wear to see if it is appropriate and if there's something needed to be fix before you go to an event because you might get into a mishap for being underprepared.

Advice from the BlueBook: Double-check your outfit!

3.0 School Pride: The Swimmer

They are the pride and joy of the university. With Ateneo de Manila University hosting this year’s UAAP Season '74, the BlueBook team celebrates the opening of a new season with three of the hottest athletes on campus plus our very own courtside reporter. 
Read on to learn more about their take on fashion and style!

David Santos, III BS Legal Management

Believe it or not, David spends most of his afternoon half naked around 20 or more people. Not in a porn way, but because he only needs a pair of jammers and his googles for training. David has been a competitive swimmer since he was in 3rd year high school in Xavier School. Now making waves in the Ateneo, David doesn't only beat records in freestyle, but he also make girls fall in love with his simple but fresh look.

One of the prominent places where you can spot David is in JSEC. As the co-owner of Bonaroo & Wraparoo (B&W), David tends to linger around the area with his friends whenever he's not in class nor in the swimming pool. He can also be spotted by the Swimming Bench at the Sec B foyer, mostly playing cards or just chatting with his teammates.

What is he wearing?

David is wearing a plain white shirt and jeans. Because of his management classes, he usually wears a pair of pants to school even if he had to go to training before classes. David likes this kind of look because it expresses his simplicity in dressing up and it doesn't compromise his style. 

Advice from the BlueBook: Be yourself. Wear who you are.

Friday, July 1, 2011

2.2 Org Represent!: The Super Pill

Pre-Med Society of the Ateneo

It’s a test tube... it’s a bloated SuperMan... No, it’s the Pre-Med Society of the Ateneo’s (PMSA) Super Pill! A few of us may not be familiar with the existence of such pre-medical organization within the campus. So for starters, here’s a brief background by Gabriel Lim, PMSA's Internals Vice President, to give you a peek of what this organization about: The PMSA is an organization that caters to the pre-medical students and/or health advocates within the LS community. Aside from providing pre-medical services and promoting a healthy lifestyle, the PMSA also engages its members in activities that assist in their holistic formation that instills in them the ideals of an Atenean doctor and/or health advocate.

What is he wearing?

PMSA chose this particular kind of mascot to represent their humble organization since they would want it to be associated with the medical field. The mascot is not just a plain capsule alone, but it is actually a tandem of Mr Pill and Dr. Doctor. Moreover, since their Pill cannot really cure any infection or illness, they always say that it is a "happy" pill. 

It is unusual to find a pill with a cape but for this year, PMSA wanted to make a step up by making their Mr. Pill a Super Pill hence the presence of the cape – super in in making everyone, or at least their members, happy as they bring PMSA to them this school year. With no doubt, the Super Pill was one of the few mascots who stood out and got selected midst the week-long tiring Recruitment Week, not only because of it's eye-catching costume, but of it's genuine smile.

Advice from the BlueBook: Smile can make a huge difference, no matter what you are wearing.

Visit their website: