Sunday, September 18, 2011

9.2 The Traveler: Panjee Lim

Panjee Lim, IV BS Management

Having chosen Ingolstadt, Germany as her JTA destination, Pajee was able experience the ultimate Euro trip by immersing herself in different cultures, falling in love with the places she visits, and making friends from all over the globe. She shares that four of her friends actually came to the Philippines for a visit. After travelling around 12 countries in the span of four and a half months, she definitely has enough memories to last her a lifetime. Still hung-over, she intends to go back after graduation to pursue further studies or take internships.

What is she wearing?

Playful yet put together, Panjee loves mixing and matching her wardrobe. She shares that one of the things she enjoyed about Europe was the colder climate that allowed her to layer clothes and try out different looks. For this particular photo shoot, you will see that she did play around with colors using them as accents to spruce up her outfit. She even sported a pair of zebra print flats.

Overall, it might seem that she has a lot going on in one look but it actually looks very put together if you do the right combination.Whether it be style (preppy, casual, etc), colors, or where you got the items (high-end brands or vintage) don’t be afraid to experiment and mix things up every now and then. Your style need not be homogenous everytime.

She cites Rachel Zoe and Audrey Hepburn as her two top style icons. Drawing from their contrasting styles, Panjee tries to emulate Rachel’s exciting eccentricity and Audrey’s classic style to create a look that definitely has the best of both worlds.

Advice from the Bluebook: Draw from inspiration to truly be a fashion sensation.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

9.1 The Traveler: Randz Manucom

John Randolph "Randz" Manucom, IV BS Management Information Systems

Girls Generation, Super Junior and 2ne1 are only some of the many Kpop sensation that we love and probably the only thing we know about Korea (other than kimchi, bibimbap and korean ice cream). What we don't know beyond the talented Kpop stars and the spicy korean food, is the creative and unique Korean fashion. Having Korea as his JTA destination, Randz had an opportunity to experience the korean fashion for four months.

Aside from his mom wanting him only to stay in Asia, Randz chose to study in Sogang University, Seoul, South Korea because of his fascination with Kpop culture. Kpop doesn't only makes us hold our breath because of their unique choreography and how Sandara is now a singing sensation, they have been also setting up trends in terms of fashion and style. Randz narrated to us that he actually had to step up his game in terms of blending in with the crowd in dressing up. With an environment that prioritizes their outfits and their looks, Randz was able to learn the skill of layering, the art of putting on accessories and the mix-matching of colors.


What is he wearing?

In this look, Randz embodied the skills that he learned while he was still in JTA. He is wearing what is considered a simple yet expressive style that characterizes his creative personality. As he had mentioned in his interview, his style evolved after JTA. "My style is urban streetwear meets playful accents. By streetwear I mean the grungy, unkempt look while mixing it with playful[ness] which is usually composed of dashing colors, patterns and socks! It's an interesting mix! :)" Randz, inspired by the korean fashion, advices the Bluebook readers that , "It's not what you wear, it's how you wear it. AND! Dress up as how you want to be acknowledged."

To get to know Randz more and to see his JTA adventure, follow his blog

Advice from the Bluebook: Dress up as how you want to be acknowledged.

Monday, September 5, 2011

9.0 The Traveler: Jieneb Kho

Every year, the John Gokongwei School of Management, School of Social Science, School of Science & Engineering and the Fine Arts Program of the School of Humanities send more than a hundred Ateneans (on their Junior Year) abroad to study, travel and experience a whole new environment for learning and total independence. This is the Junior Term Abroad Program, or JTA. JTA is an exchange program that allows Ateneans to study in the partner University of Ateneo located across Asia, Australia, United States and Europe for either the fall semester or the spring semester. In fact most of those who enrolled in the fall semester this school year are either flying out soon or are already in their JTA destinations. The Bluebook thinks it's timely to ask   some of 2010's JTA students about their experiences abroad and their fashion tips while out of the country.

Jieneb Kho, IV BS Communications Technology Management

Have you ever experience walking around Florence with a gelato in one hand while listening to local street musician sing in Italian? Jieneb did and she toured in style! For JTA last year, Jieneb chose to study in Audencia Grande Ecole de Management in Nantes, France (just 2 hours away from Paris) for her JTA fall semester. Out of the many things that she brought along with her to France, she didn't forget to bring her infectious smile and her eagerness to face the challenges of what lies ahead. During her JTA stay, she got to experience meeting new friends that came from all over the world, traveling alone using the transportation system, getting lost on her own and so much more, but that didn't falter her spirit because she knows it's all part of the experience. If you'll be describing Jieneb with one quote, it will be a quote from How I Met Your Mother, "Challenge Accepted". 

What is she wearing?

At the photoshoot, Jieneb was wearing a laid back outfit ( a pair of shorts and a semi-dressy top) which is ironic to her outgoing character. This is because she always wants to be comfortable with whatever she's wearing. She doesn't want her clothing to restrict her from moving or from doing her activities. She also narrates to the Bluebook that some people think that it's hard to blend-in in France, especially with the notion of people seemed to be always dressed up. "Everyone is pretty laid back and would just wear what they want to and what they felt was comfortable" Jieneb explained. 

During her JTA stay, she usually wore stockings, boots, trench coat and scarf. She also mentioned she loved the cold weather because it was something that she took advantage of in terms of layering and mix-matching clothes. She also gave a tip for the Bluebook readers with regard to what to wear when traveling especially in France during the Fall season. She said it's essential to wear boots and a chic trench coat for comfort and for style. Jieneb left the Bluebook crew one final advice, "Wear something you feel comfortable in. At the end of the day, it's how your carry yourself."

Advice from the Bluebook: At the end of the day, it's how you carry yourself.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

8.1 The JSEC Men: Bene Go

Benedick Mervyn S. Go, IV BS Management
As one of Ateneo’s Golden boys, you’d probably recognize Bene as the 4th year SOM Executive Officer of the Sanggunian but there’s much more to this guy than what meet’s the eye. Wanting to try out new things and to figure out what really works best for him, Bene is an active member in various organizations. Goal-oriented and driven, he shares that one should not be limited to worrying about grades as the true mark of success comes with real life experiences. (But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prioritize your studies too Bluebookers!)

As a morning person, his day starts very early at either 7:30 or 8:30am! While most of us are still snoozing our alarms, he’s off to work making the most of his time with unparalleled productivity. Always on the look out for opportunities, his entrepreneurial abilities were put to the test in the very competitive bidding process of opening a JSEC stall. Much to his surprise, he and his friends were able to get in and set up their own burger joint: City Buns. A true entrepreneur at heart, he prefers to have his own business after graduating rather than working in a company. One day, he hopes of using what he has learned to start his own business.

What is he wearing?
Keeping it simple and low-key, he describes his style as very casual and laidback. You would usually spot him wearing one of his “Lazy-day shirts” that he has gathered over the years from the different projects and ors that he has been involved in. He wears what is comfortable to him, especially since this guy is always on the go.

He proves that you don’t need to dress outrageously or wear anything too complicated to stand out from the crowd. Being comfortable with yourself and letting your personality shine through is the secret to confidence. That in itself is sexy.

Advice from the BlueBook: "You can always fail once, so try it!"