Sunday, September 18, 2011

9.2 The Traveler: Panjee Lim

Panjee Lim, IV BS Management

Having chosen Ingolstadt, Germany as her JTA destination, Pajee was able experience the ultimate Euro trip by immersing herself in different cultures, falling in love with the places she visits, and making friends from all over the globe. She shares that four of her friends actually came to the Philippines for a visit. After travelling around 12 countries in the span of four and a half months, she definitely has enough memories to last her a lifetime. Still hung-over, she intends to go back after graduation to pursue further studies or take internships.

What is she wearing?

Playful yet put together, Panjee loves mixing and matching her wardrobe. She shares that one of the things she enjoyed about Europe was the colder climate that allowed her to layer clothes and try out different looks. For this particular photo shoot, you will see that she did play around with colors using them as accents to spruce up her outfit. She even sported a pair of zebra print flats.

Overall, it might seem that she has a lot going on in one look but it actually looks very put together if you do the right combination.Whether it be style (preppy, casual, etc), colors, or where you got the items (high-end brands or vintage) don’t be afraid to experiment and mix things up every now and then. Your style need not be homogenous everytime.

She cites Rachel Zoe and Audrey Hepburn as her two top style icons. Drawing from their contrasting styles, Panjee tries to emulate Rachel’s exciting eccentricity and Audrey’s classic style to create a look that definitely has the best of both worlds.

Advice from the Bluebook: Draw from inspiration to truly be a fashion sensation.

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