Sunday, August 21, 2011

8.0 The JSEC Men: Migi Soriano & Jenny Chan

Migi Soriano, IV BS Management and Jenny Chan, IV BS Communications Technology Management

Every school has the 'cool crowd', that group of people everybody seems to know, those people you see everywhere. For the Ateneo, it's the JSEC crowd - named after their frequent school hangout, the JGSOM Student Enterprise Center (JSEC). These students become such icons in the Ateneo, they've been boxed up to a certain stereotype: often School of Management majors, sporting v-necks or polo shirts, bermuda shorts, and boat shoes. You'd easily spot them eating and chilling with their barkada at JSEC. This week, get to know more about these guys as we feature four of these JSEC men (and women).

Meet couple Migi Soriano and Jenny Chan. Individually, one would consider them very well-rounded and active, with the brains and looks to boot. Migi's interests lie in the organizations he's part of: he's a musician for aMp, a saxophonist for the Blue Babble Battalion, and a photographer for The Guidon. In her spare time, Jenny practices Bikram yoga and manages a joint business with her sister, called Quirks Novelties and Curiosities. True to its name, the store sells a variety of quirky yet functional pieces (such as a cassette tape dispenser, vinyl record bookends and paper wallets). If it isn't already apparent with her attire, Jenny also loves fashion.

What are they wearing?

A true fashionista, Jenny likes to keep her school attire simple, with a few interesting accessories here and there. She gave off a fresh, nautical look with a striped body-con dress and comfortable sandals. A cardigan was kept at hand for air-conditioned classrooms, as well as the SOM dress code. To top it off,  she accessorized her look with -- you'd hardly expect it -- skulls. One of the things that caught our eye upon seeing her was the pair of red skull earrings, with tassels that fell down to her shoulders. Wrapped around her wrist were braided twine adorned by skull charms. The whole look was reminiscent of Avril Lavigne (post-Sk8er Boi and Complicated days) -- girly, fashionable, and a touch of contradiction that makes her wicked.

One word to describe Migi's look: smart. In true JSEC Man fashion, he was wearing a striped, short-sleeved button-down, khaki shorts and comfortable sneakers. No accessories or frills are needed for this guy; clean and simple is the way to go. And he pulls it off. His sense of style reveals how he doesn't care too much for trends and standing out. On the other hand, it also shows how he's being careful about his look -- not in terms of trend, but of real timeless style.

Advice from the BlueBook: It's more important to feel good than to look fashionable.


  1. ang gwapo naman ni migi soriano <3

  2. jenny and migi! so cute!!!