Friday, August 12, 2011

7.0 The Artist: Maronne Cruz

Maronne Cruz, III BS Management

Growing up being into musical theater, not to mention watching Broadway plays in New York, is pretty much Maronne’s childhood. From watching plays to now starring in them, Maronne has showed us that nothing is impossible. This young lady has been a member of Blue Repertoire ever since she was a freshmen. Tallying the number of plays she was casted, she counted 4 plays where she was the lead role and 6 plays where she was part of the production. Currently, Maronne is playing Audrey in the play, The Little House of Horrors.

Maronne’s dynamic personality becomes evident as she plays her roles, but she confessed that she was a bit shy to join the Dramatics club during her elementary and high school years. Although she was into theater, she only unleashed her talent and potential when she entered the university. Her older sister encouraged and informed her of Blue Rep as she was about to enter college. 

Being an avid fan of musical theater, Maronne usually dresses up like the characters she loves and admires. She doesn’t really follow a certain trend in term of dressing up. She is most comfortable just being herself and just dressing up in whatever role she wants to play. She would sometimes wear all black to portray the gothic role or at times she’d wear something dorky. Nonetheless, she is not afraid to experiment.

What is she wearing?
Can you guess which character she's playing? Comment. 

Advice from Bluebook: Don't be afraid to experiment.

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