Sunday, July 31, 2011

6.3 The Senior Syndrome: Bea Tan

Beatrice Tan, IV AB Interdisciplinary Studies

In a campus where everyone is judged initially according to his or her face value, Bea Tan truly stands out. Do not be fooled with her intimidating mataray vibe because beneath this fa├žade lies a friendly senior with a warm and humble heart. With her chinky black eyes and smooth radiant skin, she can capture the attention of many, especially the men. But she’s more than a pretty face, evident by her modest and outgoing personality and string of accomplishments which her close friends can agree with.She actually is the type of girl who loves to sketch doodle paint when she is bored and to try out any sports, like surfing and sky diving, even if she is not good at it.

What is she wearing?

Most people see this incredibly beauteous lass wearing clothes with skin tone colors, and this is why Bea chose this look for her casual graduation photo.  Moreover, she is into anything sheer that would make her yellow skin glow.  This is interesting because not all ladies out there do not see this as an advantage if they want to look more radiant, without putting too much make-up. Also, this can also give you a fresher look even if you are handling a great deal of stress because of hell weeks.  Without any doubt, we can see why she would always look fashionable yet presentable at all times. 

One of the fashion secrets Bea shares to us is to definitely fit before buying. Sometimes, even if the clothes look good, they will simply look good on a mannequin. We all have different body types and it would be for our own good if we know what is the best for us. We should not let the trend itself merely let us decide in choosing what to wear. By embracing our own size and who we really are, we will be able to have better and wiser decisions and greater confidence. 

Advice from BlueBook: Know what is best for your body type.

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  1. I love the lower left photo!!! Very beautiful bea!! :) - secret admirer