Friday, July 1, 2011

2.1 Org Represent!: OptiMEAn Prime

Ateneo Management Engineering Association

No matter how crowded SecWalk was for the Org Parade, the Ateneo Management Engineering Association’s (MEA) OptiMEAn Prime was one of the few mascots who were able to outshine the others. Although exclusive to Management Engineering majors, MEA is the third largest organization in the university. MEA develops the business and management core competencies of its members through academic support, leadership training, and project implementation. It has Corporate Decision Management as its core competency and Corporate Social Responsibility as its advocacy.

What is he wearing?

As few of the Ateneo community would know, the intimidating yet ingenious OptiMEAn Prime is not the official mascot of MEA. He started as their superhero for last year’s SOMweek: HeroiSOM.  OptiMEAn Prime is inspired by the character of Optimus Prime, the leader of the heroic Autobots in the movie Transformers. However, even if it is still their unofficial mascot, its character still embodies its organization’s qualities and values.

Walking around the campus representing MEA, OptiMEAn Prime has a full eccentric body gear from its head to toe with their org name written on the sides of its shoulders. Each part has been perfectly furnished showing the very fine details on every edge. What interests us most is how quirky, creative and indestructible the costume was made using simple resources. 

It has been one of the busy weeks in Ateneo, and yet OptiMEAn Prime has always looked its best no matter the situation was during the whole Chromazone Recweek. And as for those students who are not familiar with what MEA is all about, one can get a glimpse of what it is to be part of this organization by looking at its mascot. The BlueBook believes that nothing seems to reflect our own personality better than our clothes.

Advice from the BlueBook: Dress the way you want to be perceived by others.

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