Sunday, July 31, 2011

6.2 The Senior Syndrome: Niqui Leong

Angiele Leong, IV BS Management in Applied Chemistry

No, she does not own the Leong Hall in Ateneo. Nor is she a typical gorgeous Atenean who just basically knows how to dress well. As feminine as she may look in her pictures, Niqui Leong actually exceedingly enjoys not-so-girly activities such as lasertagging, white water-rafting, and getting sunburnt all over while riding an all-terrain vehicle up a volcano. And even if it seems that she practically owned her casual shots for the yearbook, this senior humbly shares to us that she never enjoyed yearbook photoshoots, ever since that period in prep. She was frequently dissatisfied with what the outcomes looked like. So the result of the pictorial she had just recently was such a huge pleasant surprise!

Since sophomore year in high school, Niqui has always been interested in how clothes are made, all the little details from designing to manufacturing. Being in college, she finds herself constantly learning and appreciating the variety of styles of different people. This helped her find a style that is comfortable, yet which makes her feel pretty and a lot different from the stereotypical unexciting laboratory-dwellers which some people usually think students from her bloody hellish course would end up being. 

What is she wearing?

It’s being presentably sundressed-up. She chose to wear this dress for the casual graduation pictorial because it is full of bright colors, which suits how energetic and crazy she often gets.  However, even if she needed to wear the cardigan to cover herself up to follow the dress-code, she still looks presentable and chic at the same time. She tells us that despite what some sites say about the color red when it comes to white backgrounds in pictorials, she still chose to make red the dominating color for her whole look because she knew for a fact that she would look and feel great in it. 

Blake Christina Lively, or most known as Serena Van Der Woodsen of the popular television series Gossip Girl, is one of the style icons Niqui admires. She has always loved Blake Lively because the American actress-model is perfectly fit, has a great smile and knows how to be sexy yet elegant at the same time.

In Ateneo, our lovely senior is just a normal student who is trying to survive Chemistry. But she believes that  surviving is done best with people she has known in her college life, who make every class enjoyable and worthwhile. A day does not go by for her without having a good laugh at something, even how shallow it may be.

Advice from BlueBook: Know the best colors that would make you shine. 


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