Sunday, July 17, 2011

4.4 Fresh Faces: Jolo Ejercito

Jolo Ejercito, I BS Legal Management

Extrovert and outgoing, this freshie definitely knows how to make a good impression. An expert in the art of conversation, Jolo is your typical nice guy on campus and doesn’t find it hard to make friends even though he is just a newbie on campus. Add up his talents in singing, dancing, and acting and we have a bonafide triple threat. 

What he’s wearing:

The look that he his sporting during this shoot has a sort of nautical style to it. Not one to follow, Jolo says that he doesn’t really follow fashion trends but instead mixes and matches his own clothes to add his own personal style. He shares that you should always try to look your best because you never know what might happen to you. You don’t want to be caught off guard looking shabby when your crush passes by or when you meet someone important. Right?

If you take notice at the color scheme he is wearing you would notice that he chose neutral tones of blue and brown, a classic combination that is soothing to the eyes. Although the outfit is dominantly blue, accents of brown such as his shoes and belt balances it out. Definitely a well put together look that the ladies would surely love.

Advice from the Bluebook: It’s easier to dress down than to dress up, so be prepared to always look your best.


  1. best best best!

  2. Ganda ng damit mo. Thank you for using tax payers money for your own expenses :D