Sunday, July 17, 2011

4.3 Fresh Faces: Fons Martinez

Fons Martinez, I AB Communications

Quite the dandy, the friendly Fons just loves to add flare and pizzazz to what would normally be a boring and typical day in Katipunan. Always in the know, he loves going to different events and happenings around the metro, living quite an interesting and fun-filled life outside the walls of Ateneo de Manila University. At present, he shares that he feels at home in campus noting that he knows quite a few upperclassmen. A new addition to the Dollhouse, he was actually spotted recently in the Dollhouse elections where he donned an even bolder outfit for the occasion.

What is he wearing:

Having an innate sense of style, fashion has always been something that came easily to Fons even as a child. He usually sticks to monochromatic tones and basic palettes but always makes it a point to add something different and eye-catching to his look. For this shoot, you would notice that he is sporting a gray-fringed vest that breaks the monotony and adds a bit of zest to his look.

Some may choose simplicity and comfort, but he says that he prioritizes fashion over comfort. He takes pride in his androgynous look, which enables him to experiment with vast variety of different styles. The BlueBook team admires his keen fashion sense and bold confidence in the way he handles things.

Advice from the Bluebook: Be fearless.

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