Sunday, July 31, 2011

6.0 The Senior Syndrome: Meg Manzano

Meg Manzano, IV AB Interdisciplinary Studies

Previously, we brought you the freshest faces of the Ateneo community. For its sixth week we are paying homage to the senior whom we all know and love: The graduating batch of epic year of 2012. Graduation pictorials are taking place and Aegis has been doing a superb job for this yearbook. Casual shots are done to showcase the Atenean's real personality and character in school and this is what we want to share with you for this week.

"I can wolf down chicken nuggets, cheeseburger, spaghetti, large Coke, and a hot fudge sundae from Mcdo in one sitting. My biggest frustration is my inability to gain weight...which doesn't at all help me with my dream of one day being gloriously fat."
 -Meg Manzano 
(we are so jealous of you and your non-existent dilemma)

Meg describes herself as the "little writer girl in pursuit of that dream of constant deadlines and bylines". Quite the quirky and fascinating she a little nostalgic over the 90s and has yet to educate and update her taste in muzak. In her free time she enjoys exploring her artsy side playing around with paint, photoshop, and photography. Although she admits that her skills may not be up to par with some of her peers, her mastery in the art of powerpoint-making and the lovely craft of writing is in itself  quite a talent. Quite the renaissance woman, she loves to pursue her various hobbies and interests.  She has been playing futsal ever since she was thirteen years old but and loves the chance to get on a field and go kick balls (and butts).As an IS major she is able to take up both Polical Science and Communications as her two tracks. It may seem like an unusual combination but she shares that reading up in Polsci introduces her to a whole new world that allows her to look life in another perspective that she is able to express in various mediums.

What is she wearing:

Typically very moody when it comes to her style, she admits that there are times that she gets a bit lazy at times coming to school in nothing but  her jogging pants, a cashmere sweater and sneakers just because she wanted to sleep in that morning. Her general look could be described magulo or in other words rather low key and subtle. She likes to keep it casual, simple and a tad southern. She cites Erin Wasson as her style icon admiring her cool, indie, and understated vibe that she is able to bring to her outfits and the demure way she carries herself. 

Functionality ranks very high in her wardrobe choices sharing that she is guilty of buying dresses with pockets on the side. Shades are also a definite must have for Meg. The sun rays are definitely enemy number one in Ateneo  and she makes sure that she never leaves the house without her trusty pair of shades. As a senior she gives some words of wisdom and says that investing in a few key pieces would be a good idea and great addition to any wardrobe. Go for simplicity and pieces that you can easily match and pair up. At present, her flesh colored spring desert boots are her go to item that she loves to match with different outfits. Exuding a rather relaxed and laid-back style, she keeps it simple with neutral colors and the occasional stripe or floral pattern.

Advice from the Bluebook: Functionality and practically are key to any casual look

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