Sunday, July 17, 2011

4.2 Fresh Faces: Kenjee Dee

Kenjee Dee, I BS Health Sciences

People might think that this good-looking freshman is a SOM (School of Management) student because of his typical Chinese features. On the other hand, his course obviously proves us otherwise. Considered to be one of the most fashionable, attractive yet unpretentious gentlemen around the campus, Kenjee considers himself as the typical quiet guy on the outside but loud on the inside. And what’s more, he considers being fit highly important. For him, it is really helpful not only to be noticed but also in the personal state of mind. Knowing that he is healthy keeps him confident and happy for the most part of his everyday life. However, believe it or not, he shares to us that he was actually obese before and he lost 80 pounds in just three months! Quite unbelievable, don’t you think? But surprisingly, he still even has the stretch marks to prove it!

What is he wearing?

Nate Archibald of the popular television series Gossip Girl is one of the style icons Kenjee admires. He really likes how Nate keeps things simple but sharp at the same time. In fact, he has been following how this perfect Golden Boy of the Upper East Side dresses up ever since. Sadly, knowing that our country’s blazing hot weather limits us in wearing non-thick clothes, he shares that he can only do it when he is abroad.

Kenjee would describe his style as something preppy since he always want to look simple, but presentable nevertheless. If he were to name the essential pieces in his wardrobe, the top-of-mind answers will definitely be the belt, watch and shoes.  He believes that regardless of the brand of clothes he wears, the most noteworthy asset a guy can flaunt without over-exaggerating would be those three things. Kenjee also shares that for women, he does not think that flowery, ruffly tops or short shorts would give the guys good attention. I guess, ladies, better change such outfits and go for a simpler and more conservative look! His fashion advice is that to always wear something that reflects who you truly are. As he simply puts it, “So, chill if you do not know the latest stuff about fashion. As long as what you are wearing defines who you are, you are definitely good to go.”

Advice from the Bluebook: Being you never goes out of style.


  1. I love you Bluebook!

  2. A man of ultimate choices. Love the way you are!