Wednesday, July 13, 2011

4.1 Fresh Faces: Jyle Go

Jyle Go, I BS Management

Fashion is definitely a passion for the glamorous Jyle. She may only be a freshman in Ateneo, but she could already boast something that not even most management seniors have yet: her own business.  A budding entrepreneur, she applies her extensive knowledge and passion for fashion in designing elegant and striking accessories, which is currently being produced in places such as Hong Kong and Bangkok. She also does modeling on the side, lending her talents in this year’s Recruitment Week. 

What is she wearing? 

She goes by the mantra “Dress for yourself and not for anyone else” and she definitely knows who she is style-wise. She describes her style as "feminine chic" usually complimenting her soft feminine looks and wardrobe with edgy & eye catching pieces such as the Aritza black cotton corset and statement rings. Of course, a true fashionista’s wardrobe would not be complete without a few essentials such as the Kimono Cover-up from H&M, High-waist trouser shorts from Topshop, and Cuffed Flats from Steve Madden that she put together for this look. 

What a fashion statement! Don’t you agree? We from the Bluebook personally love Jyle’s look! Ateneans should definitely be on the lookout for what she wears next. Like Jyle’s Style? Be sure to check out her personal collection of accessories in her online shop! 

Advice from the Bluebook: Mix and Match, apply some yin-yang and find the perfect balance that works best for you.


  1. A thing of Beauty is a joy forever . British Poet.

  2. Beautiful inside and out !!!

  3. Jyle! you're so pretty! Im a fan! (promise I'm not a stalker)

  4. By just seeing you makes me complete .

  5. Simple stylish chic