Sunday, July 24, 2011

5.1 His & Hers: Iking Corpus and Jonah Cabochan

Iking Corpus & Jonah Cabochan, II BS Communications Technology Management

The Bluebook spotted this couple when they were wearing "US" shirts in a fashion show that happened last summer. Curious of what's up with them, we asked them for a friendly chat. 

On the day of their interview, the lovely couple's smiles radiated and reflected how happy this couple is. The first thing we had to ask was about the "US" shirts. Iking and Jonah actually just had it made for their class Psychology project which was the Schoolture Break fashion show that happened last summer semester. They don't really wear matching outfits in school, but sometimes, it just so happens that they're wearing matching outfits.

What are they wearing?

"In the middle of pambahay and porma" (In the middle of clothes you usually wear at home and clothes you wear when going out)... Iking's and Jonah's style is pretty laid back with minimal accessory. For Jonah, she would match her outfits with a necklace and for Iking, his outfit wouldn't be complete without his watch. 

We asked the couple if they're going to dress up their partner, what would they want him/her to wear? Jonah wants anything simple for Iking. Iking, on the other hand, wants Jonah to wear polo shirts, what he meant was the coined term 'boyfriend's shirt' type of polo. Jonah seem to not mind wearing a 'boyfriend's shirt.

Advice from the Bluebook: Just be laid back.

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