Sunday, July 31, 2011

6.1 The Senior Syndrome: Ean Dacay

Ean Dacay, IV BS Communication Technology Management

Quite the prodigy, Ean Dacay is extremely well-adept in various multimedia editing software which he uses to compliment his love for photography. If you're active in any of the different organizations in Ateneo, chances are you might have worked with him before. You could say he does a lot of freelance and is frequently recruited to help out with photoshoots and promotions. To those who finds his name very familiar, it's probably because a lot of his photographs are featured in the Guidon. He shares that he prefers taking the pictures rather than being photographed himself.

What is he wearing?

You'll probably recognize him with his unique pair of glasses whose shape is quite unconventional. For his casual shoot, he chose one of his typical Ateneo outfits. You will see him wearing a simple checkered short sleeved polo and ash colored jeans, a comfortable wardrobe choice that is still in check with SOM dress codes. 

Preferring to work in the background rather than being the center of attention. The color scheme seems to be a bit more paler as compared to the bold colors that people tend to gravitate to nowadays. "Wear what you want and don't be pressured to dress a certain way" is what Ean told us and we at the Bluebook completely agree. Ultimately, your look should be used to compliment or highlight your personality not overpower it.

Advice from BlueBook: Don't let fashion trends dictate your look.


  1. Pogi and super cute ni Ean!!!!
    I'm your secret admirer!!!
    Guess who!

  2. Oh Dacs why do you always have to be so adorable!

  3. Ean, you're so adorable! - Jieneb