Friday, July 1, 2011

2.0 Org Represent!: Mr. Roboxto

As most Ateneans would say, your college life will not be complete until you join different organizations. Have you Ateneans gotten to sign up for an org at Chromazone Recruitment Week? Known for our very active and flourishing org culture. Different organizations has seen tremendous growth throughout the years. Many have added a lot of credentials by establishing very notable partnerships, winning awards, and successful projects. In case you missed it, a lively parade took place with various org representatives and mascots. Each were able to showcase their various personalities and of course the Ateneo BlueBook is always on the lookout for funky looks that catches out eye.

The Ateneo Biological Organization

What is he wearing?

Introducing Ateneo Box's mascot! Although probably not as popular as AJMA man or AMA's giant M&M, the looks is quite an eye catcher. A complete jumpsuit with a shiny metallic gray fabric gives the illusion that he really is robot. They also paid a lot of attention to detail that makes the look more polished rather than something that they just put together on the fly. Probably one of the more interesting parts of the costume is the antenna complete with it's faux electrical surge.

Advice from the BlueBook: Pay attention to details.

If you haven't heard of Ateneo Box here is a short description taken from

The Ateneo Biological Organization eXplore eXperience eXcel (BOx) was established by its moderator, Ronald Cruz (BS Bio '02), and several Biology majors in 2004. It is meant to be a venue for students to explore their interests in the various biological fields, directly experience biological research and other related activities, and excel in their chosen fields. It also seeks to form a healthy community of individuals bound by love of life and its complexities. Since its inception, it has brought the Biology community closer together through trademark projects like the annual Biology Night, Biolympics, Bio Week, BOxpedition, BIOTAg, and the Compendium of Ateneo Flora; won the IAC Basketball Championship in its division for four straight years; and been granted official accreditation since 2008. BOx is a founding member of the Biology Majors Association of the Philippines (BMAP).

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