Friday, July 1, 2011

2.2 Org Represent!: The Super Pill

Pre-Med Society of the Ateneo

It’s a test tube... it’s a bloated SuperMan... No, it’s the Pre-Med Society of the Ateneo’s (PMSA) Super Pill! A few of us may not be familiar with the existence of such pre-medical organization within the campus. So for starters, here’s a brief background by Gabriel Lim, PMSA's Internals Vice President, to give you a peek of what this organization about: The PMSA is an organization that caters to the pre-medical students and/or health advocates within the LS community. Aside from providing pre-medical services and promoting a healthy lifestyle, the PMSA also engages its members in activities that assist in their holistic formation that instills in them the ideals of an Atenean doctor and/or health advocate.

What is he wearing?

PMSA chose this particular kind of mascot to represent their humble organization since they would want it to be associated with the medical field. The mascot is not just a plain capsule alone, but it is actually a tandem of Mr Pill and Dr. Doctor. Moreover, since their Pill cannot really cure any infection or illness, they always say that it is a "happy" pill. 

It is unusual to find a pill with a cape but for this year, PMSA wanted to make a step up by making their Mr. Pill a Super Pill hence the presence of the cape – super in in making everyone, or at least their members, happy as they bring PMSA to them this school year. With no doubt, the Super Pill was one of the few mascots who stood out and got selected midst the week-long tiring Recruitment Week, not only because of it's eye-catching costume, but of it's genuine smile.

Advice from the BlueBook: Smile can make a huge difference, no matter what you are wearing.

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