Sunday, July 24, 2011

5.0 His & Hers: Nico Salva & Karla Aguas

Nico Salva & Karla Aguas IV AB Interdisciplinary Studies

Our encounter with Karla Aguas and Nico Salva was quite brief, but amusing nonetheless. The couple attracts attention, not because of their great fashion sense, but because of their natural good looks. And of course, Nico’s a notable Blue Eagle, like previous features Bacon and Kiefer. One who sees them together might feel that pang of envy and wonder with such a good-looking couple.

One thing we liked about the couple was that they were both very outgoing and -there’s no other word to describe it- adorable. Proof of this? They occasionally follow themes for their outfits. Karla recalls how they once dressed up like Beyonce and Jay-Z.

What are they wearing?

Their attractiveness as a couple is mainly attributed to their individual sense of style. Karla, a natural beauty, likes to wear whatever fits her mood. She could range from girly to comfortable. On the day of the shoot, she said she felt like wearing something more feminine. She loves to accessorize with a trusty pair of shades. Nico, on the other hand, likes to go for “black” fashion — a comfortable shirt, shorts and sporty shoes. He likes to complement his outfit with baseball caps and sunglasses.

What would happen if they would dress each other up? We wondered, asked and here’s what they have to say. Karla would dress Nico up in a trendy polo and pants, to make him look kind of like Adam Brody. Her boyfriend says he’d dress her up the way she is, with an eclectic mix of styles and looks.

Their fashion advice for our BlueBook readers? Don’t dress up like you’re going to a gimmick. “This is Ateneo,” Karla says. “A lot of classrooms aren’t air-conditioned, and you have to walk from one building to another.” Nico adds, “Don’t wear dark shirts if your classroom isn’t air-conditioned.”

Advice from the BlueBook: Shine even more with your significant other by showing who YOU are!


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  2. Such a sweet and cute couple!

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  6. I love this couple!!!!

  7. ganda ni karla!!!

  8. ang ganda talaga ni karla

  9. Such a beautiful couple. I hope they would end up together.

  10. Gwapo naman ni Nico Salva oh.