Sunday, July 24, 2011

5.2 His & Hers: Toni Sunico and Addie Manzano

Anthony Sunico & Addie Manzano, I AB Communications

Ah, young love. There may be a raging storm outside, but let this post warm your hearts. Meet two of the youngest lovebirds on campus, Addie and Toni.

"Chillwave" may well be the theme for the couple's fashion sense. They both prefer understated outfits, but somehow still radiate a glow of happiness that make you pause and look at them. On a regular day, Toni usually wears shorts and a shirt. He wouldn't become slave to the trend and the heat. Hence, men's cardigans, no matter how fashionable they are, would be a no-no for him on a sunny day. Addie prefers not to draw attention to herself through her outfits. She normally wears shorts and a tank top, and chooses her attire according to her mood.

What are they wearing?
Were they to dress each other up, Toni would be wearing a nice polo, jeans and sneakers and Addie would be fashioning a classic pair of jeans and a long tank top. Like themselves, they'd want their significant other to be simply dressed as well. They don't go without accessories, though. Addie likes to spiff up her look with bracelets, while Toni wouldn't go without a classy and useful watch.

This calm, relaxed couple's fashion advice for the readers out there? Addie would tell you to dress comfortably. Toni advises you to mind the heat: don't wear jackets, especially when it's 30 degrees outside!

Advice from the BlueBook: Dress appropriately for the weather.

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